• Web & Mobile Responsive Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Compatible to all laptop, desktop, mobiles and tablets
    Smart Phone, Tab, iPad, Notepad, PC
    Fit to any screen size

    Guest User / Visitor (Unregistered Users) Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Visitor can make quick search
    Visitor can see the listing of search result
    Visitor can do refined search to scrutinize the effective result
    System separately generate suggested results according to visitor looking for
    Visitor can see brief profile of male & female members
    Visitor can view full profile of selected members
    Visitor unable to see photo of male & female members
    All photos are blur in format
    Visitor unable to see parents name & contact information
    Advanced search with additional parameters
    All result are search engine friendly URLs
    Other more features

    Login, Registration & Forget Password Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Visitor can register as free member first
    After registration process finished, they received email or SMS for account activation
    In user registered email their will be link generated for account activation
    By clicking the link it diverted to website account activation page & account activation process successful done
    After registration & account activation done by user, the user profile information goes to administration for account approval
    User cannot login without account activation & administration approval
    User can login by their registered email & secured password
    After successful login it redirect to user dashboard
    Forget password system is available with login & registration panel
    Their is separate link for forget password. User can use when they want to change login password
    User can use registered email to recover the password generator link
    User receive the email & reset password link generated
    By clicking the link user redirect to reset new password page which help to reset it
    Other more features

    Registered User / Member Dashboard Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    User / Member dashboard is fully secured & protected
    All registered members have their own dashboard
    Quick & refined search is available to effective search
    System separately generate suggested / perfect match according to user’s profile
    Member have facility to see other member’s photos
    Member can view complete profile of other members
    Member can manage own profile & contact information to update time to time
    Member can upload & delete photo gallery of own
    In homepage of dashboard, notification, quick search, suggestion match, you are connected with & people connected with you provided
    Membership detailed plan given user can upgrade membership any time by paying you according to plan structure
    Administration bank details given for easy payment
    Administration contact information & enquiry form provided with separate page, any time member can contact
    Free member unable to see other member Name, Parents Name & Contact details
    Paid member can view everything with limited contacts allotted (eg: 20, 30, 50 contacts)
    All members profiles & contact information is protected
    Other more features

    Connectivity Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    All members free to connect with desired members profile any time
    System automatically generated perfect / suggested match, member happy to view & show interest to connect with desired profile
    When other member connect with your profile, you will get notification in dashboard & separated page
    Member can view all details by clicking in connected partner profile
    Other more features

    Search Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Quick is based on gender, age range, religion & mother tongue which give effective search list
    In search list brief members profile comes out which help to select interested profile
    Refined search shorten the listing with various categories
    Members profile can be view from listing
    Guest Visitors / Free members can not view parents & contact information of other members profile
    Direct search can be done by members profile IDs
    Admin can directly search for inactive, free, male & female members
    Other more features

    Email Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Deliver email when admin & users / members registered
    Deliver email for account activation
    Recover secure password for send link to update password
    Update members when some connect with your profile
    Received email payment have done
    Deliver email when admin approve the status of users / members
    Received query when users / members enquire about something
    Other more features

    SEO Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Search engine friendly URL
    Title, Description & Keywords

    Administration Reporting Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    No. of total members
    No. of inactive members
    No. of active members
    No. of free members
    No. of male members
    No. of female members
    List of all members
    List of male members
    List of inactive members
    List of female members
    Other more features

    Administration Dashboard Module : ( Standard / Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Administration dashboard is fully secured & protected
    Admin can directly add new members from his dashboard
    Admin can manage all members profile by Add / Edit / Delete features
    Admin can search members profile by ID, all members, male members, female members, inactive members, free members
    Admin can manage categories like list of gender, religion, mother tongue etc…
    Admin can manage membership plans
    Admin can authorize to approve new registration account, without approval profile cannot be activated
    Member cannot login & view their profile before admin approval nor display in search result
    Admin can manage their contact information & centres / branches
    Admin can raise notification to all members or individuals
    Admin can create advertisement ( google ads etc )
    Admin can get unlimited enquiries from the user panel
    Admin can search by membership plan
    Admin can authorize to upgrade the members selected plan
    Admin can change inactive members to active members or vice versa
    Admin can change free members to paid members
    Admin can manage member photo galleries
    Other more features

    Domain and Host Module : ( Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Free .COM domain or any other extension ( 1 yr )
    Free Linux hosting & email ( 1 yr )
    PHP support latest version
    MySQL latest version
    Independent Control Panel

    Basic SEO Promotional Module : ( Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Submit to major search engine
    Search engine friendly URL
    Meta tag, Title, Description & Keywords
    Xml Sitemap file
    Ror xml file
    Robots txt
    Urls txt
    Proper redirects
    Other more features

    Database Files : ( Exclusive / Premium Pack )
    Free SQL File - Countries, States, Cities World Wide Database
    Free SQL File - Profile Categories & Sub Categories Complete Database

    Excel Sheet Module : ( Premium Pack )
    Admin Can Upload Excel File in Profile Database
    Convert Excel CSV File to MYSQL Database
    Admin Can Download / Backup All Database Of Profile In Excel Sheet

    Upload Biodata & Documents Module : ( Premium Pack )
    Users / Members can upload their biodata after login
    Biodata file support PDF / Doc format only
    Admin can receive users / members biodata in their dashboard
    Users / Members can upload their ID Proof / Address Proof for security reason.

    Success Story Module : ( Premium Pack )
    Admin Can Create Success Story of Happy Married Couples
    Admin Can Edit / Delete Success Story

    Compare Profiles Module : ( Premium Pack )
    Fully Automatic Male / Female Profile Comparison.
    Side By Side Comparision Method
    Field By Field Comparision Method
    Members Can Compare After Login

    Advanced SEO Promotional Module : ( Premium Pack )
    Re-Submit to major search engine
    Ping my URL / Website to major search engine
    Advanced Xml Sitemap file
    Re Generate Xml Sitemap when new contents updates
    Integrate google analytics
    Google, bing, Yahoo webmaster tool
    More than 50,000 back link submission
    Other more features

    Extra New Features & Applications : ( Extra Charges Applied )
    Add / Edit / Delete New Plugins
    Add / Edit / Delete Profile Entries
    Add / Edit / Delete New Features
    Add / Edit / Delete New Application
    All Are Chargeable
    Contact Us For Extra Charges.

    Payment Gateway Module : ( External Plugins For All Packs )
    Gateway integration ( Paypal, CCAvenue, Paytm etc … )
    Manage bank details
    Invoice & receipt management
    Credit Card, Debit Card, Mobile Transaction, Internet Banking etc …
    Users / members payment account management
    Other more features

    SMS API Gateway Integration Module : ( External Plugins For All Packs )
    What We Need ?
    Purchase SMS Gateway Plan From Any SMS Gateway Provider OR
    Purchase SMS Gateway Plan From Us: View Plan
    SMS Gateway Should Be Transactional Or Promotional With Pre Approved Sender ID From Provider.
    Provide Sender ID
    Provide Complete SMS Developer API

    What We Do ?
    Installation / Setup SMS API Gateway in Application
    Member Get SMS When They Register Their Self In Matrimonial Application
    Admin Get Instant SMS When New Registration Done In Their Matrimonial Application
    Member Recieved SMS When Someone / Registered Member Show Interest / Connect With
    Admin Received SMS Two Members Get Connected With Each Other
    Both Member & Admin Get SMS When Admin Active Or Inactive Member's Profile.
    Admin Get SMS When Member Make Enquiry.

    Frenchise Partner Module : ( External Plugins For All Packs )
    Seperate Login System
    Separate Dashboard To Manager All Features
    Admin Can Register New Franchise Partner
    Franchise Partner Have Individual ID
    Franchise Partner Have Authority To Add / Edit / Delete Members Profile
    Every Franchiser Can Manage Their Own Members Profile
    Messaging System Between Admin & Frenchise Partner
    Other more features.

    Rotating Categorized Ad Module : ( External Plugins For All Packs )
    Upload Ads According To Size Given.
    Assign Ad display in categories according. When Category Change Ad Auto Change
    Admin Can Register New Franchise Partner
    Franchise Partner Have Individual ID
    Franchise Partner Have Authority To Add / Edit / Delete Members Profile
    Every Franchiser Can Manage Their Own Members Profile
    Messaging System Between Admin & Frenchise Partner
    Other more features.

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